We provide Theta Healing Sessions for people wanting to grow and improve their business and personal lives.
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ThetaHealing® Classes

To register for a class, please visit the contact page. If you are interested in a class and do not see dates that work for you, visit the contact page, so we can manifest another class.  If you are interested in hosting a class in your area, please also visit the contact page.  Anke Banderski is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.  CEU's are available for the ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced DNA classes.  For a complete list of all Theta Healing Classes please visit the Theta Healing Course List.
ThetaHealing® Basic DNA
April 23, 24 & 30, 2006 in Encinitas, CA
To register, please visit the contact page. Fuer Informationen auf Deutsch, kontaktiere Anke. Prerequisite: None required. Includes: ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual Course Length: 3 days Cost: 440 Euro, including a non-refundable 150 Euro deposit. Early bird rate: 395 Euro, if paid fully by December 10, 2015 CEU's available for this course. Basic DNA introduces ThetaHealing® techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant. The chronos, or youth and vitality chromosome is activated, the telomeres are strengthened to reverse the aging process, and students experience an opening to the Unconditional Love of the Creator. The heart of this class is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. The student will learn to identify his/her own beliefs as well as to practice pulling them for others in the class. This practice can quickly reveal systems of belief that might take traditional psychotherapy years to uncover, showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones. Other topics and exercises include working with animals, guardian angels, an introduction to the laws of manifestation, doing future readings, balancing serotonin and noradrenaline levels, pulling heavy metals and radiation, soul mates, wayward spirits and implants, Seven Planes of Existence, and the protocols for healing a great variety of conditions and diseases working with the Creator. This experiential, life changing 3-day ThetaHealing® Basic DNA class covers: 
• The formation of ThetaHealing®.
 • Going into the Theta brain wave state and connecting to the Seventh
    Plane of Existence. 
• Muscle testing. 
• Performing a body scan/reading. 
• Opening chakras and psychic senses. 
• Performing an instant healing on yourself and others. 
• Performing a group healing. 
• Why people do not heal. 
• Changing belief systems and downloading feelings on four levels 
  (core, genetic, history and soul). 
• Introduction to The Seven Planes of Existence. 
• Working with guardian angles. 
• Releasing wayward spirits, psychic hooks, attacks, curses & implants. 
• Healing animals. 
• Soul Mates & energetic divorce from past relationships. 
• Manifesting. 
• Future reading. 
• DNA activation. 
• Gene replacement.  
Upon completion of this class you will be certified as Basic ThetaHealing® Practitioner and registered with the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.  
ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA
Contact Anke for dates.
To register, please visit the contact page. Prerequsite: Basic DNA Includes: ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual Course Length: 3 days Cost: $500, including a non-refundable $100 deposit. 
CEU's available for this course. 
The Advanced ThetaHealing® Course expands the information in the Basic Class to encompass an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence that surround us. The student will learn how to:
• Clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold them back. 
• How to heal through the “Baby in the Womb” and “Heal the Broken Soul” exercises. 
• Receive feelings that are downloaded from the instructor that will bring 
  profound healing and enlightenment to them. 
• Communicate with an ancestor and a plant
This class is a delightful experience as students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to live in the now and what self acceptance feels like from the Seventh Plane.   
Upon completion of this class you will be certified as Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner and registered with the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.  
ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance 
Contact Anke for dates.
To register, visit the contact page. Prerequisite: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA Includes: ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Manual and Manifesting from the 7th Plane Meditation CD Course Length: 2 days Cost: $500, including a non-refundable $100 deposit. In ThetaHealing®, the concept of manifesting is the belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the connection to the Creator of All That Is.  Every statement, thought and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives.  Every decision is made upon the mirror reflection of what we choose to create.  What we think and say has a direct bearing upon whether our manifestations are for our benefit or detriment.  If you constantly say that you are poor, you will be.  If you constantly say and think that you are financially abundant, you will be.  It is of the utmost importance to stay on a positive mindset.  Many people attempt to use ThetaHealing® to download complete financial success without first energy-testing themselves to find what may be blocking them.  In some instances, these people become upset when they do not achieve immediate results.  In this class you will learn how to clear these possible blocks, how to make a plan, to set your intentions, and follow through on your ideas to achieve your successes.  This is not a get-rich-quick manual, but rather a universal tool of self discovery to utilize your potential to become rich in all aspects of your life. This 2-day experiential ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance class covers: 
• Life changing manifesting and abundance downloads. 
• Manifesting in a Theta state from the Seventh Plane in your best way. 
• How blocks related to abundance are seldom about money.  Exercises 
   to remove your blocks: 
• Divine timing/purpose. 
• Remembering your future. 
• “I am stuck” exercise. 
• How to create your future from the Seventh Plane. 
• Blessing your money. 
Upon completion of this class you will be certified as Manifesting and Abundance ThetaHealing® Practitioner and registered with the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.  If you are already a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor, completion of this class gives you the right to register at the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge® to become a ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Instructor.  There is no instructor class, only a fee to receive your instructor certification.  
ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Class
Contact Anke for dates.  
To register, visit the contact page Prerequisite: Basic DNA and Advanced DNA Includes: Anatomical Chart Book & ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy Manual Course Length: 15 days Cost: $2160, including a non-refundable $500 deposit The Intuitive Anatomy Class is an in-depth journey of discovery that takes ThetaHealing® Practitioners through the Body Intuitive, allowing them to intimately and intuitively meet the organs and systems.  The student will discover the emotions and beliefs that are inherent in the body.  This class offers healing to the bodies systems through the release of accumulated energetic emotions.  We then explore the Beliefs held in each system and their relationships to physical “dis-ease”.  Students have ample time for self-healing and work with other class members to clear limiting Beliefs. This is the class for the serious ThetaHealing® Practitioners who desire to become highly skilled at scanning and healing within the physical body using ThetaHealing®. In the IA Class the ThetaHealing® Instructor guides the student to: 
• Learn the magic of the human body. 
• Learn that disease and disorders go hand in hand with the demonstration of emotions.
• Come to the realization that emotions are signals that the body is out of balance.
• Discover new emotional beliefs that are attached to every body system.
• Understand how much space is taken up by negative emotions.
• Know the specific beliefs that come with diseases.
• Practice seeing into the body with body scans. honor the client’s free will.
The clearer students become, the easier it is for them to work on their clients and themselves.  In each system, the student will encounter emotions, challenges and issues that they’ve carried for a very long time.  This class is designed for the Creator to groom healers.  The friendships that come out of this class can be forever.
Upon completion of this class you will be certified as Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing® Practitioner and registered with the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.  
ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children
Contact Anke for dates
Visit the contact page for dates Includes:  ThetaHealing® Rainbow Children Manual Course Length: Varies Cost: $500, including a non-refundable $100 deposit Our world is now blessed with Rainbow Children, Teens, Young Adults that are intuitively gifted individuals who are extremely loving, with memories of other times and places, who bring with them infinite love and patience.  Rainbow Children are wise souls offering new wisdom and possessing the ability to change the world around them.  They are sensitive, compassionate and aware of others’ feelings.  Indigo Children ushered in a new age and can be influenced by negativity around them, but can now shift to Rainbow Children.  Rainbow Children classes are designed for them, their parents, caregivers and teachers. This remarkable program will validate and enhance their spiritual development in a safe and loving environment, so they can share their own special gifts with others. In this class you will go on an adventure and learn:
• How to connect to the Creator.
• A wide range of ThetaHealing® techniques. 
• How to do belief work.
• How to create positive feelings.
• Performing empathic readings.
• Healing of the body and the soul.
• Guided meditations.
• Future and guardian angel readings. 
Through the Seven Planes of Existence, students will learn wonderful ways to:
• Communicate with angels and plants.
• How to heal with crystals.
• How to connect to power animals.
• Drumming and totems.
• Develop their telekinesis
• Know how to change auras and heal animals
You will learn 16 different exercises to practice either as a child or young adult. Overnight Accommodations 
If you like to stay overnight during the ThetaHealing® classes, the following hotels are just a few minutes away.
  1. Days Inn, 133 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas, CA 92024. Phone: 760-944-0260
  2. Quality Inn & Suites, 186 N. Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024. Phone: 760-944-0301
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