We provide Theta Healing Sessions for people wanting to grow and improve their business and personal lives.
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Release Into Bliss


Please enjoy some testimonials from some of our clients. “Theta Healing® with Anke Banderski has healed every aspect of my life. She provides a safe, peaceful space and gives divine support, guidance, clearing, and healing. Her theta healing helped me through one of the most challenging times of my life. I am eternally grateful to her and her divine expertise and talent. Theta healing® with Anke has become an integral part of my mind, body, spirit maintenance to restore peace, balance, harmony, and health.  Thank you Anke!”  Megan A., CA   "My days used to be 90% panic and 10% good, now they are 99.9% great.  I can never thank you enough for all that you have done in helping me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Greg Austin, CT   “For many years I felt stuck.  My healing session with Anke was the breakthrough I had been praying for.  My back pain and fear were released, and I can now clearly hear and trust my heart and the voice within.  My life is moving forward with ease and joy, I have found new courage and strength and am soaring in my life.   Anke is an amazing, caring and loving person.  She is "the real deal" - heart, mind and soul!”  Marfil Delgado, NY “Truly amazing.  Anke is so strong with her energy healing.  She teaches that such simple changes in our energy and balance make a big difference.”  Erica Fontana, NY “Inspiration and deep work last night.  I felt honored to be there.”  (Theta Healing® Circle)  Steve Arons, NY "I am happy to recommend Anke Banderski, a Master Teacher and Practitioner of Advanced ThetaHealing®. Recently, I enjoyed both a group and individual session with her. She led me through a series of questions that focused my mind on positive outcomes. I experienced a great visual connection with the Divine that allowed me to deeply feel and expand the exquisite love that was being poured into me. In a recent retreat setting, I also experienced the power of her ThetaHealing® applied in a yoga class. In each experience, I felt relaxed, uplifted and joyful. Anke is a gifted practitioner who is committed to helping people heal through realignment. Her honoring and affirming questioning process powerfully guides you back into alignment from wherever you begin resulting in a positive inner shift at the end of the session that continues to uphold and support you.” Monica D. Traystman, Ph.D., CA Healthy Spirit, Inc. and Health To Go Health & Wellness Coach 5 star review of the July Body, Mind, Spirit Renewal retreat at Glen Ivy, July 2011: “Enjoyable 3-day weekend retreat at Glen Ivy.  Signed up for the body, mind, spirit retreat with Anke and it was great!  It included 3-day use at the spa, plus theta meditation/healing/yoga and passion mapping. I felt so much better, relaxed with a sense of clarity.  Housing, meals and a massage included...not cheap, but well worth it.  Anke has a gift of facilitating healing and I continue to enjoy her gift by listening to her CD's at home.  If you have the desire, time and are open to receiving healing...sign up with Anke!”  Jackie D,
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