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Release Into Bliss

Meet Anke

Founder of Release Into Bliss, LLC ThetaHealing® Master Practitioner and Instructor Yoga Instructor, Way of the Heart, Reiki Practitioner and Minister Completed ThetaHealing® Practitioner Classes: Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy, Rhythm to a Perfect Weight, Manifesting & Abundance, Soul Mate, DNA3, Disease & Disorder, World Relations, Animal, Family Ties, Game of Life, Plant & Planes of Existence, You and Your Significant Other Completed ThetaHealing® Instructor Classes: Basic, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance, Dig Deeper, Family Ties, Game of Life, Rainbow Children, Intuitive Anatomy, Disease & Disorder, DNA 3, You and Your Significant Other
Anke grew up in Germany, studied in Switzerland and has lived in Iowa, Paris, Madrid, New York, Connecticut. and San Diego. Anke loves her life in beautiful San Diego.  
In 2000 Anke had been experiencing knee pain for 5 years and, after surgery and physical therapy, the medical doctors were unable to help.  Their answer was “You are just going to have to live with it.”  Anke did not accept this answer.  Determined that there had to be a way to heal, Anke started a regular yoga practice.  Within two months her pain had vanished to the point where she became a triathlete and was able to complete three half Ironman and several smaller distance triathlons free of pain - thanks to yoga! Through yoga she became keenly aware of the body-mind-soul connection and realized that everything is energy; within us, around us, we are all connected through the same energy field and we are one.  This was the beginning of Anke’s path as a healer.   Fascinated with feeling the energy in her own body, animals and crystals, Anke learned kinesiology (muscle testing) and became certified as Intuitive Healer and Medical Intuitive.  She practiced hands on energy healing in New York and many of her clients affirmed that pain that they had been struggling with for years was gone after their session with Anke.  Yet Anke was yearning for a deeper healing modality that would create long lasting change and healing on all levels, not just the physical body.   Her quest was answered when she heard about ThetaHealing®.  She immediately knew that this was the modality that she was going to work with, registered for the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA workshop that weekend and gave her first ThetaHealing® session three days later.  Anke has been a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner since 2007 and Instructor since 2008 and cannot imagine her life without ThetaHealing®, as it is a wonderful tool not just for physical and emotional healing, but also to integrate experiences and dreams into our whole being, feel clarity, peace and unconditional love.   Anke founded her company Heart River Healing, LLC in 2008 with the intention to help people heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  After practicing yoga for nine years, Anke became a certified Yoga Instructor under Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb of Deep Yoga in San Diego in 2009.  She created Theta Yoga, a gentle Hatha yoga practice combined with ThetaHealing, in 2011.  In the same year, Anke also became a Way of the Heart Practitioner.  In 2012, she became a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner. Anke became a ThetaHealing Master Practitioner and Instructor in 2013 and changed the name of her company to Release Into Bliss, LLC in 2014.   Anke is passionate and committed to empower people to create change for themselves and the planet by letting go of limitations and manifesting the health and life they deserve.  She believes that everything is possible and has been able to help people heal worldwide.  Anke loves animals and enjoys facilitating ThetaHealing® for animals that are in need of physical or emotional healing as well.  She is happy to share free daily inspirations in her Facebook group "Living Life in Bliss".  You can join this uplifting group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/184203128771190/. In her free time, Anke enjoys spending time with her soul mate Casey, their cats Serenity and Katinko and dog Jessy, practicing ThetaHealing, yoga and meditation, connecting with the ocean, swimming, biking, running, volunteering at the Self Realization Fellowship and Heartfelt Helpings (preparing and serving food to homeless people) and just being - in gratitude, in the flow, in love, joy, peace and bliss.  
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