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Release Into Bliss

Practicing Self Love & Love for the World

Love yourself, then share this love with the world! How do we find a balance between loving others and loving ourselves?  Being compassionate towards others without forgetting ourselves?  Do you sometimes feel that when you love your partner or a loved one unconditionally, you end up feeling drained?  Subconsciously you may be giving up your truth, giving away your soul fragments and loosing a part of yourself and your life force. Ancient texts such as the 8 Limbs of Yoga speak about “ahimsa”, non-harming, and the Four Agreements teach impeccability, which really means non-harming as well.  Everything starts within us.  When we focus on not harming ourselves, we can then extend this same concept to others. The first step in not harming ourselves seems to be committing to self acceptance, self respect and self love.  That’s a big step!  How can we actually do that?  Through ThetaHealing®, we can align our definition, perspective and understanding of self acceptance, self respect and self love with Creator’s definition, perspective and understanding so that our perception is no longer based on painful experiences, but rather on pure truth.  We can also download what self acceptance, self respect and self love feels like from this pure perspective.  Once we know the feeling on a cellular level, we can extend acceptance, respect and love to other people, animals, plants and spaces and attract more of it from the outside world.  Please click on this link and enjoy my video about ThetaHealing and how it can help you to heal, accept, respect and love yourself and others.  http:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLhOVtJIIr0 When we live in alignment with our truth and purpose, we are practicing self love.  When we continue to live our truth and purpose while being with others, while being present with them, we can experience self love and love towards others, living in a state of ahimsa, non-harming.  As soon as we disconnect from ourselves and dissolve ourselves in the other person, we are harming ourselves because we make the other person more important than ourselves.  If we are not present with the other person and do not fully listen, we are harming them.  When we harm others, we also harm ourselves.  So, the more we can be present in the Now, the more we can focus on self love and loving others. Treat others the way you like to be treated.  Respect and honor others for who they are and see them from a clear perspective, not through your own experiences, opinions and judgments.  If someone acts, responds and speaks in a non-respectful way, it is up to us  if we allow the disrespect into our energy field.  If we believe that we deserve respect, this energy will not effect us.  If it triggers us, let’s go within rather than reacting in anger.  Why is it triggering us?  What is it triggering?  Have we allowed ourselves to be disrespected so many times that it is a pattern and we expect to be disrespected?  Do we fully respect ourselves and other people?  It is very rare that someone wants to harm another person for the sake of harming.  Usually the person already feels upset, irritated, angry about another situation, then you show up and you are the perfect person to let the anger out at.  Breathe, reflect on how and why you subconsciously attracted it without taking it personally, step into the awareness that you no longer need to be disrespected, then let it go and move on. You deserve to be happy.  The more present and aware we can stay in the moment, the more peace, happiness and joy we can experience.  Make every moment a sacred experience.  Everything happens for a reason.  Every experience leads us to the next and there is something beautiful and beneficial in every situation, even if it may be challenging to recognize when it happens.  We manifest our reality.  Everything helps us to learn and grow. Focus on self love and self compassion, especially with the busy holiday season coming up, then extend it out to others.  The chart in the book Power Versus Force tells us that one person who vibrates in the energy of love counterbalances 750,000 people who vibrate in fear, anger and other lower frequencies. Let’s live in the energy of love and our families and the world will heal and be at peace!  To learn how you can best do this, click on the link below to enjoy my video about ThetaHealing and how it can help you to heal, accept, respect and love yourself and others.  http:///www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLhOVtJIIr0 With love, light and gratitude, Anke
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